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Summer School - UK

9-15 July 2017

Design for international Students, UK students are welcome

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·      Are you in the process of considering applying to study in the UK? 

·      Are you interested in studying Medicine or other medically-related science subjects at university?

·      Have you ever wonder how to construct a UCAS application to UK universities that would increase your chance of receiving an offer?

·      Do you want to experience what it is like to be a medical or medical science student at a British university?

·      Do you want to have an opportunity to hone your written and spoken English skills in a natural, authentic and relaxing learning environment?

·      Would you like to experience a piece of genuine British student culture?


If your answer to any of the questions above is YES, then come to join us this summer in Cardiff, Wales, UK.  Medtaste and Cardiff University School of Biosciences have joined force to offer you an opportunity to learn more about studying medicine and biomedical sciences in the vibrant and beautiful settings of the Cardiff University campus and city of Cardiff.

We understand that the number of applicants to medical school has increased dramatically in the past few years. The competition to enter medical school has become harder, most universities would expect prospective students to demonstrate an interest in medicine and have some basic medical knowledge prior to the interviews. 

It is difficult for students to gain such knowledge and experience while in school. Therefore, we are offering Medtaste, to try and expose students to the medical world and advise them on medicine as a career. 

All the tutors are fully qualified doctors as well as current medical students and are very enthusiastic about teaching. We hope that Medtaste will benefit students in giving them the opportunity to make an informed decision about choosing to study medicine.

We understand that the number of applicants for medicine and biomedical sciences have risen dramatically over the past few years.  Competition for university places is high and most UK universities expect prospective medical students to demonstrate a clear understanding of the medical profession and be cognisant of some basic medical knowledge.  In medical science, prospective students are expected to be aware of state-of-the-art medical research and possess relevant work experience before applying for these courses. This event will be hosted by highly experienced staff in both the medical and biomedical science fields.


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